Christopher Kitchens


(478) 285-7751

 Hi, I'm Chris.

As a quick learning and highly motivated individual, I have gained hands on experience with multiple platforms. For the most part, I am self-taught, somewhere between very intrigued and borderline obsessed. Starting out in college, I pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering. As I gained more experience with programs and applications such as MatLab and AutoCad, my focus was redirected towards Computer Software Engineering. From there I took a course on Game Development in Unity using C#, teaching myself the entire prerequisite course, “Intro to,” the first week to be on track with the class. In my free time, I taught myself the basic principles of app development(swift), advanced wordpress development, workflows, automation, a little bit of color theory, the importance of file formatting, and the difference between RGB and CMYK. My work so far has been a generalization approach of agile and rapid development, later to be cleaned up through adapting my knowledge of a conceptual database model into a web development process. 

  Skills and Tools.

Languages: HTML, CSS, Java, C#, AppleScript, Swift, Arduino,

Experience with: PhotoShop, GIMP, Pixelmator, AutoCad, MatLab, WordPress

Additional Tools: Google Apps, Evernote, Trello, Hootsuite, WooCommerce, etc...

 Web Development Experience.


Georgia Southern University

Continued Studies in Mechanical Engineering 

Engineering Graphics ( AutoCAD )

Manufacturing Processes ( Product Design )

Advanced Computations ( MatLab )

Design & Analysis ( Copyrights & Patents )

Minor in Business  ( declared & completed )

Statesboro  |  GA  |  2013 - 2015

Southern PolyTechnic University 

Declared Major in Computer Software Engineering

Discrete Structures of Programming Logic

Game Development ( .Net, Unity, Graphics, 3D modeling )

Database Systems and Management ( MySQL)

( Tech. Comm ) Technical Communications

Static & Dynamic Structures ( Advanced Problem Solving)

Marietta  |  GA  |  2015 - 2016