hi, im chris kitchens

First let me give you a little information about my background. I attended college as an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Software Engineering. After 6 years of wasting my time and money on non-applicable courses, I decided to pursue my own path, a decision that I had already debated for quite some time. 

I became extremely proficient at teaching myself early in the game, so picking up a new skill came easy to me. About a month before leaving college, I had discovered a passion for programming. My first few programs were simple time saving tools, designed to make everyday life as a college student a little bit easier. My plan was to continue this, find a few clients, and make my way into working with businesses. 

Somehow, I skipped a few steps, taught myself web development and found a small business that needed a website. Shortly after, another business approached me to redesign their website. This was almost two years ago and the jobs haven't stopped. This has required me to continuously learn and develop as I work on progressively more complex and diverse projects. I have accomplished more than I would have ever thought possible on my own. Today I teach others as I learn, encourage people to pursue their passions, and I continue searching new challenges.


I try to keep this as current as possible. Feel free to drop a line contact@chriskitchens.com.


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